Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tag: Ten things I love

My new found friend on blogsphere, Tessa of Fashion Facile, tagged me in on this. I don't intend to flood my blog with just any chain but somehow I find this (1) interesting, (2) another instrument to get to know me better and (3) its fun!!!

Weddings are special occasion and since I've passed the age limit for Proms and work does not require formal gatherings, weddings ARE great excuse to play dress-up and be pretty *not to mention valid excuse to go dress, shoes and accessories hunting. lol*

I love night outs because I've been deprived of it for years. My first night out was during my graduation in college. *Believe it!* I am definitely not a night owl but when I do get out and socialize whether with acquaintance, colleagues, or family, it is usually a blast!!!

My outlet. my diary. *'nuff said*

These are my ultimate guilty pleasure. I adore reading. I love music *and even sings along out of tune*. Watching movies is one of my pastime, specially during long weekends.

Need I say more? I wanna travel the world!!! Go places! Experience life. Meet exceptional individuals. Make memories.

I am a techie at heart.

Foodtrip!!! A lot of good things happen with food. The conversations. The gastronomic experience just not the fat. lol*

The girls: A, D, K, L, M, S and of course B. *teehee*

Family is the reason for my existence. I treasure them, near or far. There are those that may not have been in the picture but that does not mean I isolate them *I just couldn't find some photos* So, be it by affinity or consanguinity, it doesn't matter.

Live. Love. Laugh.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us! What are the ten things you love? Do tell.

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  1. nice post bee! i love the presentation!

  2. @scarlet's walk: thanks, Z :)

  3. Love your list and the photos too! :-D

  4. wow....nice!!!

  5. @Anonymous: thanks! hope you'll decide to divulge your identity on your next visit :)


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