Thursday, February 23, 2012

GT: Love Letter

Wow! Today's topic on GirlTalk is a tough one. I've never received a love letter my entire life. A love letter that deserves a photo with this entry, atleast. heheh. Often, I would receive love notes from my bffs but never from a guy whom I have a romantic feeling for. Even my share of suitors didn't give me love letters.

This must mean that the guys I've been in a relationship with just don't know how to be mushy mushy or doesn't give an effort to put their feelings into words.

In the past, I used to envision receiving love letters, one pretty much like those in Message in a Bottle. I can only dream.

With the advent of technology, I wonder if there are still guys who will give an effort to write. My parents used to exchange a number of this letters and I don't have any doubt why my mother fell for my dad. I pray, in my lifetime, somehow I'll get a love letter. It will surely beat the anonymous text I receive: "hi! Pdi ba mnligaw?" for which I ignored. *Dude! can you at the very least, effort to spell things right?*

*After post edit*

I've posted this entry a little early and sad to say that I wasn't able to connect with how today's topic be tackled. What Kaye meant was to post a love letter. I wish I could share what I wrote during lunch today but I opt not to. I feel it to be very private as it was a love letter to The Almighty regarding my love life. A sort of prayer.

GirlTalk has spiced today's topic as well as there isa prize up for grab :))

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

GT: Most Romantic Movie

I am a sucker for Romantic flicks and that being the case, I have a hard time choosing the best among my favorites for today's GirlTalk topic. For the teen romcom category I totally dig Clueless, Never Been Kissed, She's That Girl and Ten Things I hate about you.

I am an Avid fan of Nicholas Sparks and among his great works that was turn into movies, my fave list includes: Message in the Bottle, A walk to Remember, and The Notebook. I wonder how The vow will fair, I will definitely watch it! I have to admit though that the books are far more romantic than the flicks.

I am not a die-hard twilight fan but I must say that the love story of Jacob-Bella-Edward has given me a share of kilig moments. A modern Romeo and Juliet with a love triangle twist. haha.

As for Pinoy Romantic Movies? No other woman, The love story, Miss you like crazy and most recently is Unofficially Yours, which I have seen in the big screen just today. hahaha. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I know! I watch tagalog movies. Lame. But hey! I choose which flicks to watch.

If you've seen this flicks then, I say you might just share the same sentiments as me.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Day 15: Phone

Pardon today's photo. I feel that all my phones are not picture worthy. One has decided to retire early and the other has bruises. This is a stolen shot of my niece with the Extelcom handphone. Can you recall those bulky, heavy phone that even has antenna? Those were the days. Technology has come a long way and I'm still far from owning my own iPhone. If only I win one from those contest I've joined!

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Birthday, Pop!

My dad turned yet another year today and I could not be more thankful to the Lord that He has continouosly showered his blessings to Pop.

Even if many does not understand the way he does things, I look upon my father because he finds positivity in a lot of things. For someone, who has lately been in a negative sphere, his positive view points are a big help.

My dad does not know how to do household chores, why? I assume its because he has not been trained in his younger years. I guess this was the least of his worries.

To my ever dearest, Pop, Happy Happy Happy birthday!

love you much!

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Al & Raico ❤

This is another over due post but still timely for celebrating the month of heart. This is a story of two hearts that eventually found each other. I couldn't be any happier that these two has tied the knot. They are now officially love team #2 of my Meson Family :)

It was such a nice bonding moment for all of us, a mini reunion in a special way.

for more photos of what transpired, check D's blog :)

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

febphotoaday 11

Day 11: Makes you happy

Books. Books. Books.

I am a very shallow when it comes to something to make me happy. From food, to trinkets or even with just time spent with me will make my heart jump with joy. On the top of my list are still books -- give me a good read and you'l forever be remembered :) and the material will be added to my ever growing collection that will find their way into my very own library when I get to have a home of my own. For now, they are safely tucked into plastic containers for their own good.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

febphotoaday 10

Day 10: Self - Portrait

I could easily have taken a photo of myself today but I'm not in a cam whoring mood to do so. lol. I'm cleaning up some space in my usb and I saw this one: my birthday photo taken in 2008.

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

GT: Dream Date

Dream Date? hmmm... I've never gone a date with someone prior to a relationship, maybe because I find that as courtship. I don't like the traditional-put-your-best-foot-forward kind of thing. I go for guys who can be straight forward and just "courts" when you are IN the relationship.

I'm a girl-next-door or your average one-of the-boys type but still a girl at heart. For the first date... Well, a meet-up at the mall for a start. We can catch a movie, preferably comedy. A big NO for horror/suspense/thriller and Drama/Love Story. If not, it would be nice to chill time at the arcade :)

We could then spend time at a cozy place for some sweets and drinks! A coffee house will suffice! It would be a great way to know about the person -- the basics but not his full biography :)

For a date with MY Guy, I would want to go on a road trip or a travel with him. It's as simple as that :D

WHERE you were on a date is just a minor consideration, its WHO you were with that matters :)

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Monday, February 6, 2012

febphotoaday 6

Day 6: Dinner
Unhealthy and fattening for someone who's trying to lose some weight. This is my dinner today, one of my fave and guilty food choice. I'm skipping my rice, sticking to my twice-a-day-rice-meal-max intake. heheh!

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

febphotoaday 5

Day 5: 10 am

I totally forgot about today's topic that I lost track of time. Anyway, I\m posting the reason why I neglected to get the 10 am time. I was drawn to watching Ghost Whisperer. I'm a Melinda fan :))

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febphotoaday 4

Day 4: A Stranger

I'm catching up on the daily photo challenge. I wasn't able to go out and take a photo of strangers, so i took one message from my inbox. This might be a auto-generated message but I believe machines are still controlled by humans. I wonder who was on duty the time this message was sent to me. hehe. ;)

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Friday, February 3, 2012

febphotoaday 3

Day 3: Hands

I'm cheating right off on this one. This was not taken today but a few weeks ago. My own hands are not ready for a photo op. haha.

I just love this picture. My niece must have had enough of me taking her photos that she put a stop right me. Must took me as a paparazzi. Such a clever little girl. A star of her own right. With cute hands too :D

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GT: The Perfect Man

It's been a long time since I've joined GT Topics. I'm not making excuses its just that I haven't been blogging regularly as much as I want to, er used to.

I am a firm believer that there is no such man who can be perfect since we have different taste, criteria and image of THE guy we would want to end up with. Before, I used to be so ideal - he shouldn't smoke, gets along with my friends, should give me a blue rose or a dog during courtship, stuff like that but as I grew older or should I say mature. Few points changed.

Having been exposed to a man's world in terms of their way of thinking or lifestyle, I've come to accept a few guy features that I can tolerate, in all moderation. Its ok for "my" guy to smoke but should be sensitive about when and where he is going to do it. I don't like a chain smoker though. It's ok for him to drink as long as he disciplines himself and does not look for a fight when alcohol takes an effect on him. I would want him to be able to carry himself well in public and can converse with people he just met.

It's still important for my guy to get along with my friends. They don't have to love him completely but at least they can be civil with each other. But IT is most important that Papang approves of him. He should be up to some scrutiny. haha.

I don't believe in courtship so the blue rose and the dog was taken out of the list, but when we are in a relationship it would really really melt my heart if he takes notes of the things that I love and, from out of the blue, gives it to me :)

Physically, I want my guy to carry himself well in terms of hygiene and clothing. What a turn off if he couldn't take care of himself. As much as I admire hunks, I wouldn't want him to look like one. As long as I can take him to the mall then ok na. Baka mamaya sa sobrang gwapo, di man nya ako ipagpalit sa ibang babae, eh sa lalaki naman! This is how realistic I've become.

Ideally? He must have the brains of Atom Araullo and Chris Tiu, the looks of Paolo Avelino and Justin Hartley, the personality of "Papa Chen" and the charisma and sex appeal of Lee Min Ho :))

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

febphotoaday 2

Day 2: Words

I took the love language test after reading Patty's blog and it turned out my result is :

This is actually very true. I'd like my partner to really spend time with me. It shows that I am very much important to him. I don't want the clingy, possessive type of person though. I would want him to have a time of his own with his friends as I would also like to be alone sometimes.

I don't want to demand time -- if he doesn't want to spend time together then what is the purpose of being in a relationship. I've been through LDR before and it takes the wits out of you *nakakapraning* and it just don't work for me.

Now, I wonder if there's still a guy who's willing to give quality time. The type who would give up basketball day with friends or drinking spree just by being with me specially at times when I feel stressed out and emotionally low. Well, if PNoy is dating and can give quality time despite his presidential obligations then maybe there's still home for me... Wag lang sana cya kasing tanda ni PNoy when I get to meet him... haha! Isiningit pa talaga ang latest showbiz chikka...

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Yo! Yogurt

I am an avid buyer of Yo-Yo yogurt!!! I just love it. Its creaminess, the slight sourness blends just right to my palate. My officemates and I went to this Yo-Yo yogurt place and this is my own combo mix! I usually have mine in white choocolate drops or milk chocolate drops or fresh strawberries with caramel syrup.

This mix of toppings is a first for me and I'm sure it will be my personal favorite :D

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febphotoaday 1

Day 1: My view today
This is my table at work at one of the corners of the room. heheh...

I'm happy that a few of my friends are joining this photo-a-day challenge :) Can't wait to see their pics.

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