Tuesday, February 22, 2011

weekend bonding

I had an uber F.U.N. weekend with five fab girls. It was a post-valentine bonding with bff A, D, and K. But then, K was not able to join due to some personal reasons. It would have been also fun if bff S could have join since she and A were with their fellow co-teachers on Friday but she had to go home on Saturday for a commitment.

Unexpectedly, D arrived in CdO earlier and I was able to join them late. A turn-around of circumstances. haha. It was fun to finally meet-up with fellow bloggers: Doc Ai and Ate Di. Doc Ai was our junior in high school. Ate Di, happens to be an office mate of A. I also met another English mentor, Ate Mats. It didn't seem like this was our first hang-out since we were very much comfortable with each others company.

I brought my camera with me, unfortunately, it turned on its low battery warning, I was not able to charge it since I misplaced the charger. boo!

To have a glimpse of that night, check out this and this.

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Bee hooked on PVZ

Ok. Ok. I a self-confessed plants vs. zombies fanatic. I am proud of it, no matter how childish it may seem. But then again, I think I am not the only one. haha! My friend, Khal, shared her PVZ (plants vs. zombies) experience in her blog, mykhaleidoscopeworld. I am inspired to do the same. :)

I have completed the mini games and got the gold throphy! Wheee!!!

Currently, vasebreaker endless is my current addiction. I managed to set a record of 23 streaks. I hope break my own record :)

For the survival mode, I completed them all. Record is set at 25 flags for the endless mode. :)

This are my garden and tree of wisdom. I only have 1 plant each for my night garden and water garden since I sold them to buy the fertilizer in order for my tree of wisdom to grow. It has now a height of 175.
I have come to like many computer games, but I find PVZ to be challenging. Strategy, Alertness and Coordination is the key.

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