Friday, November 11, 2011


In all in the numbers, that's what numerologist would say. Superstitious peeps say that this day would be a bad one, some say its special and others find it to be merely ordinary.

After I took office at a government bank last June, this would have been my 100th working day in my new line of work but somehow it would not be the case since there has been some holidays.

I'll be working half day today since I'll be going to the metro with my bff D. Can't wait to see barbarian bff A. Crossed fingers we get to meet up with bff K, who will be going there tomorrow. It would also be nice to meet up with our high school batchmates :)

I joined Patty L's sony giveaway as she celebrates a milestone for her friend, Amber Davis, who stars in her very own music video, Light Years :)

I posted my entry here. *crossed fingers* for winning that gadget.

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