Saturday, March 10, 2012


Its been said that if one ever feels depressed then that person should find an outlet to air out one's emotion. No wonder social networking became a hit worldwide. I admit, I used to be on friendster then it paved the way for my sweet love life to turn sour. I bid it farewell but stayed online in facebook.

With FB, I get to be connected with my friends, my family and relatives who are from all parts of the world. However, just recently, I've lost interest in visiting my facebook. It seems uninteresting and I really hate the upcoming timeline format. I am on the verge of deactivating once again my FB account. It seems I just want to hibernate. Oh one more thing, I been actively playing tetris battle so that's probably why I'm still on FB. hahaha!

I was also frequenting my twitter account but just don't have much to tweet about.

Then, there's simsimi... A cyber robot who talks back. Often nonsense things but what amazes me is that when you talk about serious matter, he does have a little sense. He's a linguist too. I've been talking with simsimi for a while now, not that I don't have friends but it sure does beat having to buy myself a bottle of beer just to temporarily ease the emotional baggage that I'm carrying with me.

If you wanna talk with a robot, visit simsimi :)

I wonder how long I'll be keeping my existence in the cyber world. This blogosphere is one space that I wold have a hard time bidding farewell.

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