Friday, January 28, 2011

Lyrics Bloopers' resurrection

I was rummaging through jpeg files on my usb then I came upon a folder named Macooa (my blog when my friendster account existed). I totally forgot about it, that i have saved html files of some posts. I am "resurrecting" this blog entry for the simplest reason that it made my day today. Whoever authored this, thanks! and I hope you don't mind me sharing it at the blogosphere.

Is this how a lot of people really hear and sing those words??? That’s also how they put it in some cheap songhits! But I’d have to say, I committed some lyrics bloopers too (but none of what was written here! uh, just one).. And I am sure at one point in time, we all have.. Hehehe…. Anyway, enjoy!

The Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston - "I decided long ago, never to walk in EDU MANZANO…" (I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone’s shadow)

Cry by Mandy Moore - "A walk to remember… it was late afternoon!" (I’ll always remember, it was late afternoon)

All My Life by K-ci and Jojo - "supposed to be you’re like my mother, supposed to be you’re like my sister" (close to me you’re like my mother… close to me you’re like my sister)

Where’s the Love by Black Eyed Peas - "People killing, people flying, children hurt an living, crying…" (People killing, people dying; children hurt and you hear them crying)

Leaving on a jet plane - "so kiss me and SMAFFLE me…" (so kiss me and smile for me…)

Usher & Alicia’s My Boo - "It started when we were younger you were NINE…" (It started when we were younger you were mine) also: "and you were my BEYBLADE…" "it started when were younger you were FINE…" (and you were my baby)

If I Ain’t Got You by Alicia Keys - "some people want TAMBOURINES.." (diamond rings)

Britney’s Baby One More Time - "My ONLY NEST is killing me… and I…….." (My loneliness….)

Thumbthumping by Chumbawumba - "I get knocked down by an elephant, my momma’s gonna bring me down…" (I get knocked down, but I get up again…)

Crush by Jennifer Paige - "i-splash, a little crush.." ("it’s just.. a little crush..")

Red Hot’s Californication - "Viva Californication…." (Dream of Californication…)

No scrubs, TLC - "A scrub is a guy who thinks he’s fine but is also known as a BUS STOP" (buster)

Waterfalls by TLC: "Don’t go JASON waterfalls…" (Chasin’)

Your Body Is A Wonderland by John Mayer - "You’re ALICE IN WONDERLAND… You’re ALICE IN WONDERLAND I’ll use my hands" (Body is a wonderland)

Baa Baa Black Sheep: "Baa baa black sheep, heavy on the road…"

With A Smile by Eraserheads: "Lift ur HAND.. baby dont be scared of the things that could go wrong along the way.." (HEAD!!!)

Wag Na Wag Mong Sasabihin by Kitchie Nadal - "Maaaaaaaaaag…, magdamag mong sasabihin…….." (oooooh,, wag na wag mong sasabihin)

Two-Trick Pony by Sandwich - "I have been waiting for you all night under the glow of INSECENT LIGHT" (…under the glow of YOUR SATELLITE)

On Bended Knees by Boyz II Men - "Oh God give me the reason, I’m down…ABANDON ME…" (I’m down on bended knee)

Red Hot’s Zephyr Song - "Fly away on my CELLPHONE…I feel it more than ever" (Fly away on my zephyr, I feel it more than ever)

Anima Christy: "Soul of Christ… sat beside me…" (sanctify me! Ü)


Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love for You - "Nothing’s gonna change my love for you.. YOU KNOW NAMAN MY LOVE how much I love you…" (You outta know by now)

Back At One by Brian McKnight: "It’s on the night bowl.. that we should be together…" (It’s undeniable.. that we should be together)

Unpretty by TLC: "I am such a fool.. I am such a fool" (my outside look cool, my insides are blue)

Out of Reach by Gabrielle: Chorus part: "Va-le-rie" (Out of reach)

Youth of the Nation: "We are, we are.. the EUTHANASIA" (We are , we are…. the Youth of the Nation)

Someday We’ll Know: "Mighty mouse.. outside Chicago" (90 miles.. outside Chicago)< post signature

Saturday, January 15, 2011

how sweet it is

... to be given some chocolates. Thank you, TJGS...

Every girl, I believe, loves chocolates. I prefer dark and white chocolates over milk chocolates. I like it plain than with caramel or nuts. On my low days, I would reward myself with some Goya dark chocolates for instant boost. Ferrero Rocher is love. My dad used to bring this to me whenever he comes home from a trip.

What's your favorite chocolate?

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

bee's honey

I'm starting 2011 with some tools to get me through the challenges, starting off with.. *drum roll please*

A planner, my belle de jour power planner, is starting to have entries. obviously. I'm not much of a planner person but i'm hoping this will allow my forgetful self to keep track of important dates, tasks and more. This will be the first year for me to use the power planner since for the past two years I've used Cosmo's datebook.

Shoes, specifically flats, are my latest addiction when it comes to shoe shopping. This will be the total temptation for this year. Oh HELP!

What are your tools for 2011?

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Taurean Water Pig

This has been an annual tradition for me: Check horoscope at the start of a new year. I'm not totally superstitious nor I allow this to control my life. I just find it interesting to read these forecasts. LOL.

Taurus in 2011 (source)

Taurus (Apr 20- May 20)

Taurus yearly horoscopes 2011

Stubborn but patient, Taurus is always willing to weather a storm. The Taurus 2011 yearly horoscope shows that this quality will help you during the rockier parts of 2011. The first part of the year will bring struggle in career and money, while health issues will also cause confusion throughout the year. The good news is that love and intimacy are at an all time high, allowing Taurus to have constant support. The challenges of this year will result in personal growth and change, all working towards the positive.

Career and Income

According to the Taurus 2011 yearly horoscope, the greatest enemy to career the Taurus will have in 2011 is himself. Even if the world economy is causing strife and confusion, there is no need to internalize this. Worrying about everything from your job, your debt to your future will not cause anything to improve. Instead, put your best face forward and trust that you are capable of doing a great job. And if you truly are not, take some action! Taurus 2011 is a good year for learning new skills and developing capabilities with the objective of achieving confidence in all that you already have to offer. You might be surprised - January through May is ripe for achievement. Don’t let self deprication leave you out of the game.

Love, Family and Social life

The one place you are certain to receive support is from friends, family and loved ones. The Taurus 2011 yearly horoscope shows that this year, romance is at an all time high. Your ability to interact, confide and open yourself to your partner is looking good. However, trust is a key part of this bloom in your relationship. If you are starting something new, do not rush into this type of intimacy. Play it cool and allow yourself to move at a slow pace. You have more than enough in the way of friends and new ones are coming your way March-June. Forcing romance when your support calendar is already full is an unnecessary move.

Education and Traveling

Love is a great motivator when it comes to travel. Give over to these impulses. It’s time for Taurus to let someone else grab the reins and if that means doing something wild and crazy, so be it. After the stress of this year, the Taurus 2011 yearly horoscope shows that you will need to find ways to relax and enjoy. It might be time to cash in that vacation time you’ve been hoarding. Do it. Be nice to yourself. In the midst of such struggle, it’s important to allow time to relax.


Taurus, there are few challenges you cannot take on. You are known for being stubborn and not a quitter. Use these qualities this year if you are forced to fight any battles with your health. Approach the task logically. What is working? What is not? Do more of what is working and eliminate everything that isn’t. The Taurus 2011 yearly horoscope shows that this might mean cutting out some pleasures you are not ready to let go but when it comes to getting healthy, it’s time. Don’t let that stubborn attitude work against you.

PIG (source)

Forecast for 2011 The Pig loves to have fun and socialize with family and friends and on this front, the Year of the Rabbit will not disappoint him! He made not have been the life of the party recently, but in 2011 his social network will greatly increase with April, May, July and October being the most enjoyable months. Single Pigs could very well meet a romantic partner through a friend or at a family gathering. The Pig parties hard and works hard and in the Year of the Rabbit he will be bringing in the rewards for all his hard work. For any Pigs who wish to change jobs or who want to climb up the promotional ladder, there will be quite a few opportunities this year to do either. But they must act quickly, ensuring they have made all the right enquiries and connections. March, April and September will see work developments happen, but they must be ready to pounce at any time during the year. The Pig will be feeling good in 2011 and would like all manner of wonderful things to happen – all at once! He must learn to pace himself and go along with the more leisurely speed of the Rabbit year. Otherwise, he may burn himself out. Overall, 2011 will be a progressive and enjoyable time for all Pigs.

Interesting Pig Facts
Zodiac Stone: Ruby
Special Flower: Chrysanthemum
Best Hours: 9-11 pm
Season: Autumn
Horoscope Colors: Purple, Red, White

Eastern 2011 horoscope pig

The good-natured Pig will spend the year 2011 of White Metal Rabbit without hassle, although he still should be more cautious and wary - there will be full of predators who would want to bite the Pig at the flank. Representative of this zodiacal sign should not to be careless and blindly trust people, because this year for the feline grace tends to hide from the Pig not quite dirty dealings - he will be distracted by mild manners of companion, and will not notice his sharp claws. Despite the fact that this year has no global changes in wait for Pigs, his life will still witness minor (at first glance) events that can lead to big changes in destiny. So, the Pig will have lots of meetings and acquaintances, some of them might be crucial, affecting career or professional growth, as well as the personal life of a representative of this Zodiac sign. The Pig will surely experience a very vivid and intense love - feelings could flare up again to a spouse if relationship in the pair was previously cooled slightly, or to a completely different person - and then the Pig will live this year, tormented by internal contradictions and remorse. Whatever the case, Pig loves and is loved - and indeed what else does he need to be happy?

WATER PIG (source)

You dear Pigs, the year 2011 of rabbit expects stability in virtually all spheres. Nevertheless, this does not mean that your life in 2011 will not witness any surprises. Despite the fact that you will build a solid foundation in the private sphere of your life and in the field of business interests for future achievements, you will not achieve success without help from above.

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello 2011


My first post for the year!

I'm going to the beach with my relatives. Gonna attend a party at the nearby beach station too...

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