Tuesday, March 29, 2011

BabyPink ties the knot :)

In life, its seldom we get to meet a person who can inspire us and I'm glad to have met one such individual. She is a mentor by profession and a superwoman by heart. :) Known in the blogger world as BabyPink, she embodies a persona of a woman who goes beyond her limits. I've only met her once in person and surprise surprise! we are not strangers after all since we seem to have a lot of common friends. March 27, 2011 BabyPink ties the knot at Ayala Resort Hotel.

BabyPink and her hubby

I attended the wedding with my bestfriends A, S and D. It was a bond time for the four of us and a moment to have fun dressing up. haha!

cheongsam: Vivienne Tam
shrug: get laud
silver heels: thrifted
clutch: dee's

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Friday, March 18, 2011

black is black

I find it interesting that my circle of friends have been blogging about nail polish and all. I usually tint my toenails but seldom for my fingernails. I stay away from black. Yesterday, i unusually colored my toenails and fingernails in black. I don't know if goth style would suit my personality but until I get to find a new nail color then this one stays momentarily.

photo polarized by www.rollip.com

I hope I try out skinfood nail polish, which I learned from Z. :) Check it out here. And the buzz I've mentioned before? See it here and here :)

What's the nail color you are loving?

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bohol Trip ---> I like!

I love to travel. It really doesn't matter where the trip is. I am up to climbing the mountains. I might hesitate to conquer the waves but that does not mean i don't love the beach. I can bask in the sun and feel the grains of sand in my feet. Its a swell life, don't you think? How I wish that is always the case when I travel during my field work. Often, I do not have the time to stop, breath the fresh air or capture the moment in flick.

I came across anywhere phils and I just have to grab the opportunity of having a free trip this summer. My barkada and I planned to have a summer getaway in Bohol two years ago but sadly, we were not able to push through.

Oh. White sand along Alona Beach. Foating Restaurant. Chocolate hills. Butterfly garden. tarsiers. They are all in my mind. It would really be great to have this dream travel into a reality.

If ever you guys, want to join anywhere phils check out them out, for details, here.

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