Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Living the Singapura Life (Day 1-10)

Day 1:
My first day in SG, my cousin R2 showed me around the neighborhood. We went to the nearby mall and park. I got the first taste of Roasted Chicken Rice which can be bought for 2sgd. I also got to experience my first train ride as we went to the next town.

Day 2:
We were supposed to go to Chinese Garden but was not able to go as it was very far from where we lived. Instead, I got a tour around the City Hall, Esplanade - Theater by the bay, Marina Bay Sands and the recently opened Gardens by the Bay.


Day 3:
Just stayed at home.

Day 4:
We went to Tanjong Pagar to meet up my cousin, R1. We had lunch together. After which we went to China town and the Orchard, which is the shopping district of SG.

Day 6:
I took the courage to go out alone. I went back to Chinatown. I bought goodies to bring home.

Day 7:
This was our first night out in theCity. We went back to Esplanade and witnessed the Laser Light Show. I got to go to the Merlion Park, which is being renovated for the upcoming anniversary. We went to the City Night Life District of Clarke Quay and went to the Marina Bayfront.

Day 8:
We went to IKEA! love love love that store. I wish we got one in Pinas.

Day 9:
Went to Tampines, the neighboring town.

Day 10:
Stayed at home. Lounging. Laundry.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Leaving the Philippine territory

I am blessed. Truly, I am.

I was given a special gift from ate G. to go to Singapore. She had known that I really wanted to go there but for lack of financial resources I usually back out.

Way back in June, ticket was ready and already paid. The date was set in August as there will be a lot of holiday and I can officially apply for the 5-day annual forced leave after having served 1 year in my new job. I will be going together with my cousin, R2.

First week of August I applied for the leave. Obstacle no. 1, my application was put on hold by my immediate supervisor pending approval of our unit head. I could only pray. I was thinking of the cost of my round-trip fare. I could not afford to have it re-booked as it would double the cost. Alas! It was granted approval. God is good.

Prior to the date of my departure I encountered Obstacle no. 2. God provided for means to get me to pack my things and i finished at around 5 am. R2 and I were booked via Cebu. I was relaxed but my cousin was already sharing his experiences when traveling abroad. I thought little of it. What's the big deal anyway, its not like I'm leaving the country leaving a criminal record behind.

Going through the immigration process, I lined up to the elderly officer. I was asked a few questions and I answered them briefly. As a government employee, I was asked for an authority to travel, I handed out the document provided for by our HR, certifying that I have filed for a vacation leave. He asked then about my accommodation, I said I'll be staying with my relative. He asked for my invitation, I said I had none since I lacked time to have it processed and that we didn't think it would be necessary since it will be for a shot time only. I was given a form, that was the time I lost my focus. A lot has been going through my mind. I was then directed to his supervisor. This is it Obstacle no. 3, but then the officer went to the table and said that He is ok with me leaving the country but just would like to have me documented. Since R2 has his invitation, our relativity was established having shared the same surname shown in our passport, they had it copied too as attachment to my file. And still asked for the invite from my cousin, R1. She wrote it through FB, we had it printed out. Oh! I love technology! Anyway, after the ordeal and the stress, I left our "baon" of chips, instant noodles, hopia and cheese sticks.

I love to travel and always envisioned myself in various countries. I don't want to be simply tagged as a tourist. I envy travel bloggers. However, after having experienced all that interrogation, I wonder if my dreams of backpacking will materialize. The immigration is so strict of people going out of the country and more often than not, those that do bad things outside, are the one's who can pass through them. And they are not also strict among foreigners that go in the country. haizt!

One thing is for sure, God is with me :))

Will have another post of my actual stay in the Fine City, this entry is already long :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

from a road trip to a wedding

This year, the Philippines has the longest weekend. My friend A and I decided to take a trip to the south. This is the story of adventure, exploration, and a share of misfortunes that ended in attendance to a wedding :)

Day 1. April 5, Thursday.

I left CDO, bound for MSU. The vehicle bound for Cotabato City left past 2 in the afternoon. We arrived in our destination at around 6 pm. We were met up by A's aunt at the terminal to bring us to Manong's to meet up with A's sister :) There we had dinner and went home to dokie A's dorm :D

Day 2. April 6, Friday.

We went to Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah's Masjid known locally as the Grand Mosque. For a moment, it felt that I was transported to another country. If I was amazed at the grandeur of this, then I could only imagine how it is in our neighboring asian countries.

After which we went to eat at Calda's Pizza in Al-nor Complex. This is where my friend, Z, has her boutique. Too bad it was close when I got there, nevertheless, I let my friend A took my photo. Tadahhh! B visited Queen B Hive :D

Day 3: April 7, Saturday.
A and I are bound for Glan, Sarangani to bask in the white sands in the beach of Gumasa. We stopped for lunch at General Santos City. When in Glan, we went to White Haven Beach resort, unfortunately they couldn't accomodate us. Even the neighboring Rosal Beach was booked. Good thing our sidecar driver didn't just leave us behind, he took us to other beaches. There was Isla Jardin del Mar (little did I know that my friends from previous employment were there as well) and to Yoshikawa Crystal Island Resort. I didn't anticipate that these resorts would be fully booked as I expected them to be full by Easter Sunday only. Lesson learned, Book ahead :)

We managed to spend a little while in this local beach resort, the beach was sandy so its nice to swim in it. We decided to go back to General Santos to spend the night :)
Back in Genaral Santos, we spend a while in KCC Mall. Our cozy haven in General Santos. A and I just goofing around, capturing it through the camera's timer setting ;) Day 4. April 8, Sunday.
We were bound for Marawi with a stop over at Cotabato City to get some of our things. From GenSan we round the Yellow Bus Line to Marbel where we catched up with the Husky Bus for Cotabato. A and I were not able to seat together as the bus was full. There was an opportunity for us to seat together but other passengers beat us to it. I sat with an OND sister and chatted with her. Telling her my mom has an OND sister as a best friend. She was from South Cotabato. I told her my mom was from Kabacan, North Cotabato and is very close with the OND sisters as she joined them but found a different calling. She asked the family name of my mother, I replied and said her name. I was amazed that this 73-year-old sister who happened to spend 25 years in Papua New Guinea before she came home in the Philippines in 2007 happens to know my mom!!! She said, "I know her! She is slim and is morena, right?" I was very touched at that moment and wondered what my mom was like before she had me that she left an imprint to the lives of those she met. IF only I had the guts to take a picture of us during that ride. I only asked for her name. She is sister Zenaida.

In Cotabato, We had lunch in Alibaba. I guess they are known as my friend, Z and A's friend also recommended that we check out the restaurant :)
We went to the terminal for Marawi, unfortunately no other passenger was there so we could not go home.

Day 5. April 9. Monday.
A and I are bound for MSU. We catched up with our Meson Family at the venue for Licka's wedding :)

This is just the beginning of summer. Looking forward to more fun...

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

April = Summer

oh my. oh my. Its april! It's officially summer. April = Summer.

This summer, I want to be best buds with Mr. Sun. I want to soak up in his company. I want to dip in the cool blue waters of Samal or Glan in Sarangani, with long stretch of fine white sand in my hands, but with budget constraint, the closest place I could be is in Camiguin, that ain't to bad since I haven't been there too.

I want to explore new place and if I couldn't, I want to go to places that I haven't been to in a long time. I've been imprisoned in this city for far too long and for a few days I want to flee.

If only I could see the local stars in Boracay. Or walk in the concrete streets of Vigan, to have the feel of the Spanish era. If only I could see the Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Masjid in Cotabato. If only someone would accompany me Siquijor, I hear the beaches are great!

Oh summer! I just want to enjoy your visit. I guess that's not too much to ask.

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Saturday, March 10, 2012


Its been said that if one ever feels depressed then that person should find an outlet to air out one's emotion. No wonder social networking became a hit worldwide. I admit, I used to be on friendster then it paved the way for my sweet love life to turn sour. I bid it farewell but stayed online in facebook.

With FB, I get to be connected with my friends, my family and relatives who are from all parts of the world. However, just recently, I've lost interest in visiting my facebook. It seems uninteresting and I really hate the upcoming timeline format. I am on the verge of deactivating once again my FB account. It seems I just want to hibernate. Oh one more thing, I been actively playing tetris battle so that's probably why I'm still on FB. hahaha!

I was also frequenting my twitter account but just don't have much to tweet about.

Then, there's simsimi... A cyber robot who talks back. Often nonsense things but what amazes me is that when you talk about serious matter, he does have a little sense. He's a linguist too. I've been talking with simsimi for a while now, not that I don't have friends but it sure does beat having to buy myself a bottle of beer just to temporarily ease the emotional baggage that I'm carrying with me.

If you wanna talk with a robot, visit simsimi :)

I wonder how long I'll be keeping my existence in the cyber world. This blogosphere is one space that I wold have a hard time bidding farewell.

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