Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 2: Your least favorite song

I'm confuse with this one, A song I abhor or still one of my favorites??? Anyway, I initially wanted to place Sean Kingston's Beautiful girls for this entry but then I realized that it never was a favorite, and I don't want to give it some blog space... so I pick out Janet Jackson's Everytime...Don't get me wrong, I ♥ this song! It's one of my favorites - the only thing that places it in the bottom list of personal fave is the video. haha! Lame! I know! lol.

You’re watching Janet Jackson - Everytime (official music video) HQ.

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"I'm afraid, I'm starting to feel
What I said I would not do
The last time really hurt me
I'm scared to fall in love

Afraid to love so fast
'Cause everytime I fall in love
It seems to never last

But every time your love is near
And every time I'm filled with fear
'Cause every time I see your face
My heart does begin to race everytime"

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  1. Oh I like this song. It makes me go LSS :D hehe. Reminds me a lot of the good all days too.

  2. Wahaha! I super love, love, love this one!

  3. lol. another one on the lists for common likes... hehehe... \m/

  4. the vid is one deciding factor, really. haha!


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