Sunday, January 8, 2012

prime heels :D

Today, I pampered my soles to a foot spa. What I loved about the session was that the pampering was up to my knees and not just up to the ankle like what other beauty salon offer. Of course, my legs were pampered in a different way that my soles :)

I also had my toenails polished in a cute way. It is now in a green shade =)

Yesterday, while I was at the mall, I saw this nice pair of shoes. I don't know what is it about it that I bought it without second thought. I've never bought heels that I won't be able to wear on a daily basis or for work, much less a 4-inch heel.
My BFF, D loves to wear high heels and I have never been able to share her enthusiasm. She drools over heels while I drool over flats. Although I know how to appreciate the shoes, the pain of wearing it takes the wits out of me. Oh well, there are always the first time and with 2012? Bring it on!!!


  1. loooove, looove the shoes! <3 *i think i'm starting to be a good shoe influence on you*

  2. @Scarlet Letter: thanks!

    @Dee: hahaha. maybe. left a hole on my pocket though. hahaha

  3. pretty the shoes are :D
    basi'g investment na na 'te b, hehe.

  4. @aya: investment pero stock sa cabinet. hehehe.. mag practice pa ko mulakaw.. hehe

  5. Wow! Nice shoes, pero dili nako nah carry! Haha! :)

  6. @BabyPink: di ko rin alam if kakayanin to ng paa ko. bahala na. hehehe

    @Norhajjar: thanks! :D


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