Sunday, January 8, 2012


I'm not much of a coffee drinker. I don't even hang out at Starbucks to qualify as a regular. My officemate, Apple got her 2012 planner as a group effort :) She had this extra coupon with 5 stickers on it so I asked for it and she gave it to me. I am very far from completing the rest of it (option 2) until the time we had task force where in one of the visiting officers from our mother company treated everyone to some coffee and frappe and got me additional 15 stickers :) Yahoo! 3 more and the 23 stickers from core drinks will be completed :)

The other day, I watched a movie in the cinema and treated myself to a frappe. I was surprised since the barista gave me 2 stickers for my order. Then I saw that they are on promo, giving away 2 stickers for every order :)

Today, I finally got my card completed and now have my oak 2012 planner :)
An achievement for a minimal cost. hahaha. Less than P300.00 :D

Starbucks double stickers promo will run until Jan 13, 2012.
Collection of stickers has been extended until Jan 20, 2012.
Redemption of planner is until March 2012.

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  1. i'm jealous. i wanted the starbucks planner for so long.

  2. @Scarlet Letter: :) i think there are regulars who sell out their planners...

  3. soooo inggit. i hope my college classmate won't forget his 2013 promise. hahaha.

  4. @Dee: yesterday, naa pa gyud nag order nga wala nag bali-bali sa pag collect og stickers... gana kaayo pangayuon ba. hehehe

  5. baka next year mag-starbucks na pod ko :) got my cbtl with the help of some friends too. pero imo ang pinaka-bongga 'te b. in one blow! whew!

  6. @Aya: bongga gyud kay almost libre. hahaha. :D

  7. Pagka-swerte! Hehehe:) I know some people who would pay more than a thousand bucks for that planner! Grabe pud ning Starbucks lagi! :)

    1. first luck of the year :) bitaw, grabe sila maka-over price sa ilang "FREE" planner... heheh it seems gakadugay gakadaghan pud ang kinahanglan i collect. this is my first though to try out their planner...


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