Sunday, January 8, 2012


I have made a very drastic move with regards to my tresses. Whenever I'm stressed, my hair is the first to experience my cruelty. In my previous job, I cut my hair almost every 2 weeks that I have come close to doing a G.I. Jane...

I don't know what has gone into my head that when I passed by a salon I asked if they do curls.
The left photo is my new year photo taken 01.01.'12 while the photo in right was taken today, 01.08.'12...

My hair now is so frizzy since I committed 2 mistakes after a curl -- first, took a wash in less than 24 hours after the treatment and second, combed the hair (using a wide toothed combed though)

I am now on the hunt of products that would tame my curls or what is left of it. haha.

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  1. wow! you really did it! but how could you forget legally blonde?! haha. you're not supposed to wet permed hair for at least 24 hours! anyhoo, can't wait to see it in person! ;-)

  2. @Scarlet Letter: daig pa ang mahangin ba sa labas... buti wet hair when i took that pic...

    @Dee: as n! i totally forgot. bad timing man gud kay i had it done on a weekday. don't want to got to the office smelling like rotten egg. the price i had to pay for being drastic..

  3. i love kulot! :D i wonder when could i get my hair permed again. btw, ok ra ng kalkag look 'te b, haha!

  4. @aya: gikapoy nako pa relax dayon supak gihapon sa tambal. heheheh


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