Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Feb Photo-A-Day Challenge

I love the month of February, aside from my birthday month of course. Maybe because here in the Philippines we give a big fuzz over the celebration of Valentines Day and with so much love in the air, it lasts the whole month.

Tomorrow, I'll be starting with a Photo-a-day challenge. I got this out of my friend, Doc Anie, facebook page.

Day 1: Your view today

Day 2: Words

Day 3: Hands

Day 4: A stranger

Day 5: 10 am

Day 6: Dinner

Day 7: Button

Day 8: Sun

Day 9: Front Door

Day 10: self portrait

Day 11: Makes you happy

Day 12: Inside your closet

Day 13: Blue

Day 14: Heart

Day 15: Phone

Day 16: Something new

Day 17: Time

Day 18: Drink

Day 19: Something you hate to do

Day 20: Hand writing

Day 21: A fave photo of you

Day 22: Where you work

Day 23: Your shoes

Day 24: Inside your bathroom cabinet

Day 25: Green

Day 26: Night

Day 27: Something you ate

Day 28: Money

Day 29: Something you're listening to

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  1. you won't mind if i do this challenge too, would you? it's a good idea for photography!

  2. i'd love to do this too! :-D


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