Friday, December 16, 2011


I just had a starstruck moment at twitter. I've been a silent follower of celebrities (in various fields) when i replied to patty laurel's tweet. Like any other celebrieties that I've have been following who have been ignored my tweets, I didn't expect for her to tweet back. What a surprise it has been that I saw my name being mentioned in her reply.

My heart be still moment. I couldn't believe it. I replied again then when I re-read my tweet it seemed I didn't get to connect with her and sounded like I didn't grasp what she said. Its partially true since I was really happy. Realizing what an embarrassing tweet it was, I deleted it *blush*

I just came from reading another blog entry of hers and I am humbled with it. Tonight. graciously, I thank the Lord for people like Patty, who shares her life and experiences to people like me. You made her an instrument to continuously inspire us :)

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