Sunday, December 18, 2011


I'm supposed to write an entry about the year end party that happened last friday but I just could not find it in my heart to share something happy when everyone that surrounds me is grieving. Thus, I will write what happened after the party. The devastation that Typhoon "Washi (Sendong)" did to the beloved city of Golden Friendship.

I was on a taxi home with one of my officemate when we passed by Carmen Bridge at around midnight of December 16. The taxi driver said that the water level has risen and that the current is like a demon. I could not see it, so i opened the car window and there I saw the raging waters. I saw debris, branches of trees and even people being washed away. My heart beat so fast. I could hear women shouting TABANG (help)! I began to worry. I called my dad and was glad to hear his voice at the other end of the line.

There was a city wide black out. I was without umbrella when I stepped out of the taxi. The wind and rain were so strong. I stayed over with a friend. I couldn't sleep. The peeked through the window and saw water level rising. What I went through back in January 2009 came back again. My heart beats fast again. Siren can be heard from afar. (Little did I know that flood waters washed over Brgy. Consolacion and Burgos St. (where my grandparents used to live)

I received a text with bff D and was informed of the same tragedy that is happening in Iligan.

I am happy that my family and friends were not affected by this catastrophe. My heart is breaking, nevertheless. Friends have lost their family, relatives and even their hard earned properties.

I do not have pictures to post but everything is viral on facebook and all over the web.

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  1. so sad to hear about this tragedy. :(

    how about in the kauswagan part? i knew some friends who live there. in RER subd?

  2. @Scarlet Letter: Di naapektuhan ang RER, if ever me flood water, minimal lang ata. The most that have been damaged are Brgy. Consolacion, Macabalan, Balulang, Macasandig, Tibasak and some parts of Kauswagan (near new bridge) and Carmen.

  3. i'm relieved.. nakakatrauma talaga mga ganitong pangyayari.


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