Saturday, December 10, 2011

black safari

Yesterday, I went to attend the Oro Banker's Safari Party. This is the first formal themed party I attended in. This is also the first party I attended with the people I work at AIB.

the stage

I initially thought of going in khaki but then I was told that my co-workers intended to go in black. So, I looked for a black get - up and my fashion-stylist-slash-bff D suggested to keep it minimal and just incorporate safari accessories. However, as it turned out, the black get-up was not pushed through and I was the only one wearing black. See below my outfit post.

my black safari outfit

It was a fun night for us at AIB sine most of my co-workers got to win cash raffle awards. They were 4 of them. Bff K was supposed to be the fifth, but since she had to go early, she wasn't able to claim the prize. We didn't gamble on posing as her since we will end up our chance of winning other prizes. I was praying hard for that Netbook. lol. Sadly, I didn't get to win on the raffle. Tough luck!

the non-winning raffle ticket

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