Thursday, December 8, 2011

bee ❤ hhn

It is seldom for me to find a product that I would gladly share, make a testimonial of, or much less blog about but there's this product that I've heard of before but deferred using (which I regretted now).

My bff D and I enlisted ourselves to become dealers of human heart nature. Personally, I registered to enjoy the discount. I have not tried all of the products yet since I don't have a child (the baby line). What I love is the facial wash, the peppermint conditioner (which nears being phased out) and the sunflower beauty oil :)

This endeavor has become more of advocacy now, for trying out an all-natural product that is also made in the Philippines. (my share of patriotism) :D It seems that I'll be purchasing and selling more of this so I put an effort of making a logo :D haha.

What I like most about this is that it is being talked about by my group of friends. If you are around Cagayan de Oro area, comment if you want to try HHN :)

Check out Human heart nature website :D

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  1. first heard HHN here. i'm looking forward to get try their products.

  2. @Scarlet Letter: join now... although I haven't tried skin food yet but for sure you can make comparisons. :)


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