Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Blog give-away: Design your life 2012 planner

2011 is nearing its end. It has been a challenging and a good year all together.

I bought this planner with the help of my good friend, Aya, and has somewhat even hassled her time but I find it to be a positive point since we really got to meet-up. It was also nice to meet again her sister, Bambi. :)

Okay, back to what this blog give-away is all about: I'm giving-away a Design your life 2012 planner :) Not that I don't have anyone in mind that I could give this out as a gift but because there are so many of them, I wanted it to be a fair play. Plus, it would also be a thank you kind of award to my readers :)

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The catch: You have to leave a comment stating why you want to have this planner and what do you look forward to in 2012. Leave in your data: Name(or Alias) and any way I could contact you.

This give-away is open only to my facebook, plurk, twitter friends and blogger readers and followers with Philippine address only. Winner will be drawn through on January 15, 2012 and will be announced on January 16, 2012.

You may also check out C&S Design's facebook page if you want to buy one for yourself :)

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  1. may ganon?! aba, i hope i can have this. i don't have a planner yet. and i love the COLOURS inside the planner... hahahah

  2. 'te b! :D really? ikaw na, you already. no hassles uy. it was a pleasure searching for journals unfortunately, wala gyud ang filed. may the best reader win this one :)

  3. hey, give it to me! hehe.. i'm a big planner, and in-love in taking notes of anything and everything under the sun but just put it in every paper at sight! lol. much more than that, planners are best for people who were NOT ORGANIZED enough and is always forgetting her important days and task, LIKE ME!!/sheynbent

  4. i want to have this planner because i think little sis would love this! :-) would add a wonderful pop of color to her school year.

  5. 10 reasons why I want the planner:
    10. I love the title (in the cover), DESIGN YOUR LIFE, it's like, a motivation and an inspiration that we should live life to the fullest! :)
    9. It is so cool + the designs of each page are all awesome!
    8. It makes planning and organizing more fun!
    7. It enables us to stick pictures which provides a personal touch!
    6. It has super cutie-patootie stickers! :)
    5. You'll never get bored to put notes and plan because of its' cuteness!
    4. It also allows us to plan for 2013, isn't it just awesome? :)
    3. I don't have a planner yet and I think I just found that's perfect for me this year.
    2. It has a money tracker!
    and 1. I just love this planner and I badly need it! :)
    This 2012: As an upcoming College Freshman, I need to be more organized and plan things accordingly. Surviving my first year in College is one of the things I look forward to this year. :)

  6. I want this planner because it's colorful and unique. I don't only use my planner to organize my things-to-do, but most of the time, I use it as my daily journal. I doodle, write notes, as well as post pictures or things that happened to me on that day. I want to see how awesome and fun my 2012 might be using this planner. Its colors and look will surely bring positive vibes to me this year! :)

  7. i want to have this planner because i feel ridiculous recycling my old 2009 planner! hehehe!

  8. Hi @psychicnerd / bee. I'm Anne the one who commented last Jan.3 , 7:32PM. I think the link to my twitter profile is not shown in my comment above.thanks.


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