Monday, October 17, 2011

Ycey turns 4

My niece turned 4 yesterday and I was there to witness her happiness (and her sadness as well). I made her a promise a few months back that I will have a cake for her. I wanted to surprise her, so I connived with everyone. Before I arrived, she was saying that "I'm very sad" and "I don't love, tita".

Her facial expression was priceless. She stared at my cake and probably resentful of her statement, she wouldn't come near me. Later in the evening, we blew out some balloons when she came. We couldn't hide what we have been doing, her eyes widened and sparkled. She said, "Wow!".

The day of her birthday, she was saying "This week is my birthday." I was amused. On a phone call with my dad, She said, "I'm very happy." When asked why, she said "I don't know myself". Those who would hear would burst to laughter. Such a witty little gal.

Her mood shifted when the visitors arrived. It was the first time that she saw those people so she was not her lively self. Note to my bro, let her know next time. Obviously the niece loved her cake. It was what she ate that brought her mood back. Sweet does wonders to her activeness. lol.

Madam Ycey is growing. My oh my. how time flies.

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  1. 'Nanao. Ito 'yung nakasakay namin ni Ashy pa-Iligan. :)

    Belated happy birthday, Ycey! :)

  2. Ug nalingaw ko sa iyang birthday story! hahaha!

  3. @dee: that's my niece. haha! si Madam!


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