Thursday, October 20, 2011

thai (inpired) mango salad

Yesterday, I passed through this street vendor selling hilaw na mangga or green mangoes. I bought a few pieces and thought of making a salad like what I've tried in a thai restaurants: Thai me up and Siam. I searched through the web for recipes and how-to videos in youtube.

I didn't get to find one in particular so I noted the ingredients and bought it at the local market. It's safe to say that I experimented. I could not point out the exact measurements of the liquid ingredients since I was tasting it and just adjusted everything accordingly.

the ingredients (photo searched via google) L-R: green mango, lime, fish sauce
hot pepper, red onion, cooked shrimp
nuts, brown sugar and water
oppss... not in photo: salt and vinegar (optional depending on your taste)

And the outcome? tadad!!! *I think I bought big sized shrimp though. The original recipe required dried shrimps but I would not go with it. haha...

The cost?
5 pieces green mango: 25.00 pesos
200 grams shrimp: 52.00 pesos
hot pepper: 2.00 pesos
onion: 3.00 pesos
lime: 5.00 pesos
nuts: 10.00 pesos
everything else is found at home. haha.

I spent 97.00 pesos for this. not bad since I've made more than a serving of order at the restaurants whose price is around 150.00 to 200.00 pesos an order :)

Bon appetite!

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  1. this made me drool!

    i want to try this.

  2. @Scarlet Letter: go! heheh

    @BabyPink: not as good as what we had in Siam but mango and shrimp combo is always great! haha!

  3. naaa! lami ayo, i'm literally salivating. hahaha! the mango effect :P

  4. @aya: the effect of mango :D


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