Friday, October 21, 2011

All out call


I just saw UKG's PUNTO POR PUNTO of ABS-CBN and I could not help but be saddened by the fact that some of my country men would still go for an all out war action. I condemn what happened to the 19 soldiers in Basilan like the way I condemned the Ampatuan Massacre. I mourn with the families.

I applaud Leonen's way of answering Host A's deliberate leading questions.

It's easy for people to say, go! chase them. shower them with bullets. Haven't we all learned that war does not bring us any good. How many innocent lives will be put in the middle? The trauma. Is it really all worth it to spend for some gun and ammunition. What is hard is getting up after the war is over.

I am not a fan of PNoy, sometimes I even criticize him, but this time, I applaud his decision fro ruling out all out war. If he is being criticized for getting angry at what had happened to the marines, then he has by far shown fairness as he directed to investigate first.

Too bad History of Muslim Filipinos is not taught mandatory in all schools in the Philippines, whether public or private. Maybe then, we will see the other side of the story.

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  1. it's never a good thing when a single drop of blood is spilt.

    honestly, i've lost track with the current events. we have enough chaos and violence here in Cotabato City to think of. i hope someday, there would be peace in Mindanao.

  2. @Scarlet Letter: we could only hope and pray. Just sad na meron talagang mga tao na ang kikitid ng utak.

  3. Hay! What's more irritating pa jud is that most of these people who are clamoring for all-out war are not even directly affected by what's happening in Mindanao! Kung makapagsalita sila, feeling nila, they know everything! Tsk!

    And, yes, I'm with you in applauding PNoy for his firm stand against an all-out war.

  4. @BabyPink: I couldn't agree more. They react to what they hear from the media. Lakas loob nilang sabihin makipag gyera. While Mindanao inhabitants are clamoring for peace, here they are wanting to make another warzone...


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