Wednesday, October 19, 2011

bee is angry at birds

Wednesday media: Angry Birds

I blogged about my addiction with Plants vs. Zombies before and here I am again to blog about Angry Birds. I am currently addicted to this game and I don't even have an ipad or iphone. hahaha. I patiently play using the online version. I am pathetic. haha.

I am happy when I get to unlock a new level. It challenges me to accomplish three star on this game. The red bird, which is the normal kind, is my least favored bird. I go for the big red bird and the black bird. The white egg laying bird and the boomerang bird is also helpful at times.

I guess I am not the only one hooked on the game since I've been seeing a wide variety of items adapted from this game like collectible cards, slippers, pens, stuff toys and more. The recent birthday of my cousin's son was even themed with AB.

Look at what other AB spoof that has been circulating in the world wide web :)

*a photo shared through FB*

What is even interesting is this video I found in youtube. Ammmaaazzinng!

Are you in on the bandwagon?

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  1. i tried playing this game before. i think it's a nice game but i get easily irritated by it. i guess you have to be armed with patience, and i don't have that.

  2. @Scarlet Letter: haha. i guess un ung marami ako, parience. if i don't get to have the three stars i move on and come back to that level again... hope i can play this on my own apple gadget. God willing. haaayyy... wishlist update na naman. heheh


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