Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday foodtrip: Isabel's Confections

Don't we just hate commercialized cakes? I admit, for any occasion the presence of a cake is eminent and to have a personalize cake that is not too heavy on the budget is a real score. Isabel's Confection is your solution.

I ordered my niece's birthday cake on a short notice, and God is good that Ms. Z was able to accommodate. I don't have much details regarding the cake except that I want it simple and I was on a budget.

When I picked out the cake, I was impressed with it. Ms. Z knows her craft and she does it well. She herself is a mother so she pretty much has the idea what kids love. She was the one who suggested the princess themed cake since she said it was at age 4 that her daughter love princesses.

*the birthday cake made by Ms. Zen of Isabel's Confections*

*my niece admiring the cake*

If you are in search of a one of a kind cake for your special event, contact Isabel's Confections.
For a visual view of her other cakes, look here. You may also add her at facebook.

A fellow blogger, Ms. C of cookie's corner, posted her tinkerbell cake made by Isabel's confection as well.

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  1. aaww.. happy birthday ycey! kahimos nalang! :D you're such a dear tita to her, 'te b. hehe. i wanna try isabel's confection cake too, one day. went to red ribbon sa g-mall with ate milfe diay ug iya gyud gi-check out ang brochure sa ilang cakes to compare for her ate, hehe.

  2. just by the looks of the personalizesd cakes leaves commercial cakery behind. heheh... it's still different if the cake is one-of-a-kind. hehehe

  3. that cake looks yummy! i hate commercialized cakes too esp. goldilocks haha!

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  5. @Scarlet Letter: Agree! Goldilocks is over rated.

  6. wow ms bee i just saw this now..=) thank you for blogging about my cake...looking forward to our next cake project...=)


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