Thursday, September 22, 2011


I'm inspired! lol. I've found a new way for me to keep on with blogging, aside from making this hive my personal journal. If i think of something to feature, i might as well categorize them, right?

So far, I have come up with the following categories:

Monday foodtrip: features on food. Something delectable to the tastebud
Tuesday reads: focuses on books or write-ups and authors
Wednesday media: all about sounds, movies, and gadgets
Thursday icon: features on people or celebrities
Friday vogue: aka fashion friday for other bloggers
Saturday travel: places, sights and excursions
Sunday devotion: all-inspiring features for the soul and celebration love

*crossed-fingers* i'll make a habit out of this. As a primer, i would like to feature for Thursday icon:

Richard Yap a.k.a Chen Sy (of My Binondo Girl)

I was really curious about him for two reasons:

1) He is a new face in television and I admire how he naturally acts with veteran artists (later din I found out that he was in a tvc for a food chain)

2) He is years older than me but amazingly I see a certain charm in him that I admire like how I admire hollywood actors in the likes of Jackie Chan, Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp and a lot more..

Yesterday's episode of My Binondo Girl, I really applaud Richard (first name basis na ha!). I was super kilig with him and Ai-Ai. The kilig factor that seems effortless just by making that hidden smile. I found out that a lot in twitter has also noticed him. Way to go, Richard! :D

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  1. yup, that's him. didn't notice him at first so when i searched saka ko pa nalaman :D

  2. i didn't notice too. i only came acrossed it after reading a BI of Kim chui in Fashion Police.


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