Sunday, September 11, 2011

bee's (lucky) concert attendance

I originally had nothing to do for the weekend. I have no plans but to lie in my bed while the TV is on and wouldn't really care if I doze of. I looked at my fingernails and toenails and was totally appalled at the look and decided to treat myself to some mani-pedi. I bought along with me two polishes since I'm sure the parlor doesn't have its shade.

I put off going to the mall since my heart will be broken once again. Color Me Badd and All-4-One, two best group of the 90's are in town. My bff, dee mentioned a month earlier about the gig but it was only two days before the event that I got to confirm it. I was hoping to go there with D but she had some priorities.

Little did I know luck was on my side. Haha! A friend from college texted if I would be watching the concert, I said no. She asked if I would want to watch using her ticket, I jokingly replied, "sure, basta libre!" . Haha! VIP ni, PWA arrangement lang. her text said. I was like, holy cow! for real?

I was at the venue, early. Bwahaha! An elderly couple sat on the seat next to me. I was a bit surprised that they would watch the concert. I wondered to myself, are they even familiar with the songs?

When the group when on stage, I was filled with excitement! I was singing along with them. Color me Bad came in first and after two songs All-4-one performed! I was enjoying myself even more, when soem members would come down from the stage. Kevin of Color me Badd even sat in a vacant seat next to a couple and I was just a few seats away!!!

I was having a blast, not minding the bored faces on the couple next to me. When All-4-one called two ladies from the audience and serenaded them with "As beautiful as you", my heart was melting. I was feeling every word. Maybe its because those two girls were my namesake. both of them were named Mae/May. haha!

Color me Badd sang "The Earth, the sun and the rain" and "I adore Mi amore", which was no. 1 way back in '92.

Both groups came on stage to perform MJ songs, the concert was a tribute to the King of Pop anyway. They sang "Billy Jean", "Thriller", "Man in the Mirror", and more. I could have been dancing on my feet but I noticed that I was surrounded by elderly couples and if I did, I would be alone so I just clapped and sang along.

The group did a little showdown, doing a capella, saying these were the roots of their existence. Color me badd sang "Hush, somebody's calling my name". I know for sure what All-4-one is going sing, I was not wrong. They sang "So much in love". One of my all-time fave song. They also sang, "I swear" with a sign language for the chorus. I will learn that one!

I had a blast. A wonderful time. I should have a camera for moments like this, damn that battery charger went missing. My hands were red from all that clapping. I don't care.

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  1. OOOOMG! and you didn't tell me you watched! Hahaha! So happy for you. I was all giddy just reading your post. Would have been so cool if we watched it together! Glad you enjoyed it! Mao diay super reminiscing high school imong drama lately ha!

  2. @Dee: surprise surprise. na surprise gani ko ka-watch it would have been awesome kung naa gyud ko kauban... we'd better save for VIP seats in upcoming concerts. totally worth it!!!


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