Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Annebisyosa: Keri naman ni lola

Wednesday media: Annebisyosa

This album hadjust been recently released in the market, under the distribution of Viva Records. I surprised even myself why I bought this album. First, this is the second original album I ever have and the first cd I ever bought. hahaha. I am not a die-hard fanatic, and I simply can not put into one word the reason why.

With this entr, i will try to analyze why I shelled out 250 pesos for a 8-track song album.

1) Annebisyosa, as the title says, is a pinoy toggling of Anne and the word ambisyosa, which means ambitious. ACS is not known to be a singer, sometimes she sings off key during performace too, but never the less she carries herself with humor doing such acts.

2) The album covers most songs I've heard and love: Alone, Bizarre Love Triangle, Too Many Walls and Girls just wanna have fun... Not that I don't like the other selections but this are my personal choice out of the album.

3) This is one heck of feel good album. Feel good in a sense that it would hurt you trying to sing-sync with ACS knowing that you wont have to hit a high note the right way.

4) Listening to the album feels like you are inside a KTV room with ACS, chilling and hanging out. Parang anjan sya sa tabi mo kumakanta.

5) There is, in everyone of us, the ambitious self. It may be in singing, acting or dancing. And if buying this album has made ACS' ambition become a reality then I just supported her...

I am babaw. I know. Wala lang.


  1. i super like anne. as in. she's one of the few pinoy celebrities i admire. hearing her sing is amusing. just for laughs. it makes her more adorable. but still, i won't spend a dime for it. not even pirated. hehehe.

    hope you have fun with your new record! :)

  2. @Scarlet Letter: hahaha. thanks. makes me really really wonder why i bought it. who knows, ma pa autograph ko un one day.*crossed fingers* ;)


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