Wednesday, September 21, 2011

first schmutter attempt

I really appreciate posts about fashion and I've never gotten the guts to diligently blog about what I wore until today. haha. with a few exceptions, of course, when I get to attend socials but such entries would point out to the occasion rather than to my garb.

My first attempt:

I am not good at posing. I want to focus on this Elephant bottom pants I found during my trip at the big metro. And this brown pumps, I rarely wear it, this is actually the second time. haha.

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  1. Way to go B! Looking forward to more of these. ;-)

  2. @dee: lol. thanks for the encouragement. will try :D

  3. @Scarlet Letter: thanks! :D There's still a lot of room for my improvement. lol.

  4. musta naman ang guapa? i like your new blog. maypaka kabalo mg personalized sa header.

    Thanks for visiting my blog :-) actually, I have so many blogs na makalipong usahay ug update, hehe. but since i'm monetizing it, e karir nlng jud... thanks to zen kay ngkita ta balik sa blogosphere =)

    you can also visit me here:

  5. @cookie: i'm learning to tweak but dili pa master. haha. i wanted to monetize in blogging but i really don't know how to start. dili man pud gud ko 24/7 maka-blog. will check out your sites :D
    thanks for droppin' by.


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