Thursday, September 15, 2011


yay! it has arrived! my new pair of suelas :)

This is my second pair.

I actually bought two llanura suelas flats online. I ordered Llanura in Sky Blue size 7 and the Tangerine Yellow in size 7.5 , which was out of stock so I had it replaced with the Charcoal. I ordered in different sizes so that I can be sure which size really fits me, even though the suelas website has sizing guides and i also measured my feet. I got confused still since my first pair was a 7. True enough the sky blue fits but it looks like my feet will at any time explode, if you get my drift. So, instead of shipping it again, I decided to find someone who
would like the pair. Luckily, I did. Within hours, I bid farewell to the almost 3rd pair. No heavy heart for me, I'll buy another pair soon :)

I bought my first pair (manejo dos choco) at wagw.

I've been introduced to suelas by my bff, dee of chuckanddee. Its only now I got the courage (and the money. haha!) to order online since wagw offers limited style and stocks. Its very comfortable and I can't wait to fold it or tuck it in its case when I go travel. whopeee!!!

I hope suelas will show new collection too. Too bad this season, they would not be making the laceless uaap sneaks.

If you want to have a pair of these innovative, space saver, and trendy kind of footwear check out suelas :)

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  1. awww, special mention. hahaha. happy for your new shoesies! still looking forward to having my first pair. i badly need flats as i now have more heels that kill my feet. hahaha.

  2. @Dee: its so comfy... promise! worth it. i also heard of flats, Shoe Room, in FB and i also want to check it out. I'm more of a flat gal than the heels chic, like you are :)

  3. so wanted to have llanura in tangerine yellow but according to their chart, they don't have it in size 8.5... i think i'll buy the white canvas barcas and another color of llanura. my first suelas already started to peel. :(

  4. @Scarlet Letter: that's what i ordered first, sold out. its so comfy kasi that's why we always wear it. hehehe. buy na. :)


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