Wednesday, August 31, 2011

three shots

I'd like to start a new feature on my blog and it will cater to my shot glass collection.

I'm still a newbie on this one. As of now I only have three, and all were given to me.

I wanted to start this collection so that when the time comes that I get to travel around the globe, each glass has a story to tell about the place and the experience I had there. However, as of this writing, the story behind each glass is a remembrance of the person who gave it to me :D

Shot Glass #1 Thailand. From Rhoy. He went to Thailand and as a souvenir, i asked him for this.

Shot Glass #2. Malaysia. From Rhoy. Another one from my dear cousin. heheh... Since he travels more than I do, I am positive that most of my collection will be from him :)

Shot glass #3. Singapore. From Arbing. She was supposed to be my buddy had I pushed through seeking job in Singapore. My pasalubong. She is also a fellow blogger and plurkie :D

I look forward to more of shot glasses in the future.

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  1. good luck with your collection bee! love the new header!!!

  2. @Scarlet: thanks Z. :) hehehe...its now easy to look for a pasalubong for me...heheh

  3. I agree with Z! So cute! Here's to more shots and shotglasses! ;-)

  4. @Dee: mucho thanks, deekiams! :D


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