Tuesday, August 2, 2011


This is one long overdue entry. I never intended to be on blogging hiatus but the circumstances decided to place me in this spot. I took another life changing step. I bid farewell to my Jetti family after more than 3 years tenure. It was a hard decision that I had to make. This decision was not because I was not happy about my job or I did have problems with my co-workers, but more of a personal thing that I cannot elaborate. I am unsure of the journey that I am to take but I carry with me the learning and experience I had with Jetti.

This is but a photo collage of the people I've come to know while I was there. A tribute to my Jetti family. Some came and went but still they are remembered. There were the bad times - the tears and the stress (but that's part of work) but more of the good times - laugh, travel, chow time, and bonding. Having a good time with people you work with is important and we seldom get to be in this point.

To my colleagues - thank you for welcoming "the wangkig me" in the family three years ago.

To my bosses - You all will always be remembered as great mentors!

To the Jetti heads - Thank you for the opportunity of work, of growth and of learning.

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  1. good luck with your journey Bee! looking forward to hearing you blog again about your new adventures.

  2. @Scarlet Letter: thanks, z! *crossed fingers* on new advebtures...


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