Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hindi movies ❤❤❤

Okay. Okay. Okay. If its not obvious yet then I will say it myself, I AM NOW A FAN OF HINDI MOVIES!

The first Hindi movie i saw was Krrish. I was fascinated by it but it took My Name is Khan to awaken my love for this genre. What is amazing about Indian movies is that no matter how long the movie goes (almost 3 hours) you are still engrossed by the plot. Sometimes though, I ask myseld if its really necessary to include sing and dance number. heheh.

With this new found love, is my admiration for Aamir Khan. I'm still not over Lee Min-Ho (who is younger) but Aamir Khan (who is older) is just hot! hahaha! I just learned an interesting fact that he refused to have his wax model be included in the famous Madame Tussauds.

Anyway, AK stars in 3 Idiots. This is one comedy flick that I was glad I was able to watch.

Also, he is also in the film Taare Zameen Par (Stars on Earth) which has a tagline "Every Child is Special". This is one inspirational movie. Personally it has become a fave, together with Mr. Holland's Opus, Remember the Titans and more...

If you find yourself wanting to watch something new, keep these movies in mind. With the english subs, it is just like watching a korean novela. heheh. I now have another AK movie in line. *winks*

Before I end this entry, you might think I'm planning to flood on bollywood entries. That is just not the case, I just wanna spread the love. Who knows you just might love it too :D

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  1. Khan, FTW! LOL. I remember diay we had a copy of 3 idiots before but never got to watch it kay wala'y subtitles. hahaha. sablay.

    i wonder why keri ra sa bollywood films and sing-and-dance in their movies. in pinoy movies, it looks corny and makes you cringe. haha. thoughts?

  2. @Dee: that's one question I do not have an answer. When I read the subs of the bollywood films sing-and-dance number, they have meaning where as in Pinoy films, it does no connection at all *my POV, by the way*

    Who knows? Local indians would also cringe at thie movies. We rely on subs ra man pud. hehehe...


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