Friday, August 19, 2011

One Lovely Blog Award

thanks for this lovely award, Z of Scarlet's Walk!

Rule: spill seven things about yourself and share this award to your blog friends.

1. I am a Water Pig Taurean

Not that I am a die-hard believer of zodiac but most description of my personality is true.

2. I am a psychic nerd gadget freak

I have, what they say as, the capacity na magdilang angel. haha! I love gadgets and my wishlist proves this. Bookworm as I am, I am a nerd! ;)

3. I love the color BLUE!!!

As a child I've always been attracted to blue, then I grew old and liked other colors but then my love for blue has been reborn and I think it will end up that way.

4. I love to travel.

I've only been to few places and I look forward to going to more places.

5. I'm not fashionista

I'm your average tee and jeans gal. Seldom I dress up (usually with the help of friends) . Although I have nothing against fashion its just that I put it too much effort being one and i fear I'd end up one heck of a trying hard. I admire fashion though and just play the fashionista part in my dreams!

6. I wanted to have my own business

When I get to have enough moolah to have as capitalization, I wanted to have my own business :)

7. Blogging is my outlet

I admit I'm not such a good writer, often struggle with my vocabulary that's why I stick to easy terms but I love to blog. B the chronicler is my alter-ego :)

now tagging my fellow blogger

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  1. Thanks for the tag! Forgot to blog about this too after Z tagged me. Haha. Forgetful me.


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