Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ycey says the darnest things

I'm on Tita duty since friday afternoon, after Bro's fam surprised us with their visit. It's a good thing too since it was Mama's 15th death anniversary. We had a family picture taken over at the mall and I've posted it on my FB account.

Ycey, my li'l niece is charming as ever. I never grew tired playing with her. She is one witty li'l angel.

A. Sosyal

Me: Wow! Nice kaayo ang dress ni Ycey. Sosyal
Ycey: Ober ober! Joke lang! *Over! Over! Joke lang*

B. New friends

Me: Daghan ka friends?
Ycey: Bongga Amiga!

C. Impatient

While waiting for my Dad, who was inside Mercury Drug
Ycey: Kadugay ba ni Loloy Loloy (Lolo Loloy) oi

D. Immortal

Ycey: Ycey kay taong lobo.

E. Ice cream

While eating ice cream yesterday, we told her to finish off her ice cream since we couldn't go in inside the grocery.
Bro: Wala man lami ni nga ice cream.
Ycey: Obviously irritated. Said, "Lami man. Sagad ra man si My Daddy."

Until your next visit, Y. :)

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