Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fashion Hype

I grew up in MSU in the Islamic City of Marawi so its natural that Muslim Holidays are celebrated in the community. Even though I am immersed in a conservative way of living, I still have a lot to learn. Today, the Eid'l Adha, the feast of Sacrifice, is observed by millions of Muslims all over the world.

Anyway, I was browsing fashion blogs (my current addiction in blogosphere) and I found myself in a trail of bloggers joining the hijabi fashion week challenge, they are to blog for a week based on a daily category. I found a few favorites:

modesty theory

sweet escape

fatin liyana

These gals know how to be fashionable even without too much showing skin. I also feel that the challenge was inspired by Kendi of Kendi Everyday's 30 for 30 Remix Challenge (the concept anyway).

Hmmm *thinking* I wonder if my barkada or group of friends will be ready for a challenge similar to these... That would be fun :D

To my Muslim brothers and sisters, Eid Mubarak!

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  1. Eid mubarak, B! :)

    Madami akong p'wedeng masabi tungkol sa hijabi fashion chorva na 'yan pero since I don't really wear my veil properly or as it should be worn, I somehow feel I am not in the position to comment, kaya huwag na lang. Hehehe:)

  2. @BabyPink: heheh. i think i have an inkling of what you have in mind. i am definitely not in the position to comment. Seeing this blogs affirms that despite our differences in culture and beliefs, girls will always be fashionable or wants to be fashionable :) At the very least, nagkaka idea din ako on different clothing style (kahit wala ung hijab)

  3. hi bee! i so appreciate this since SOMETIMES i wear my hijab... hehe.. thanks for posting!

  4. no probs, Z =) diverse yung styles pero nakakakuha pa din ng idea.


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