Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wanted: Love made in China

This is not your ordinary love story nor it is a story about China's Economy.

I came upon a statement, "God created the world and the rest is made in China". A point to ponder, can love be made in China? I'm not talking about love between two Chinese individual or about two strangers meeting up in China. Those are exemptions. Those things happen. I'm talking about love (as manufactured and signed with MADE IN CHINA). Silly old me! I'm talking nonsense! Crazy B!

Really!?! How can one let go of failed relationships? How does one go on after a break-up? How does one pick and mend the broken pieces? *Where do broken hearts go ♫*

If only... Relationships were like buying clothes covered with a 7 Days return policy.

If only... Reading Relationship for Dummies have a 100% money back guarantee.

Too bad... I am cautious. Very cautious. Traumatized.

I'm not thinking straight. I'm emotionally unstable. I'm in turmoil. Blame it on my hormones! *Can somebody give me a bar of chocolate!*

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