Friday, November 12, 2010

Pacham Crab in Coconut Milk

Hey guys, remember the box of crustaceans given to me after the trip to Surigao? I have 4 live crabs in possession and early today, I gave 2 to my dear father and lola. :) One was sooo big I just had to photograph myself with it...

And since I was not satisfied I had one shot all zoomed out... haha...

After I got home, I researched how to cook it... and even if I managed to see some information, I somehow neglected to follow the procedure step by step. haha. Thankfully my crab in coconut milk was edible. haha. (*note: the one I cooked were smaller in size*)

Pacham Crab in Coconut Milk
(note: Thanks to plurky En78 for the term Pacham)

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