Friday, November 12, 2010

Off to Surigao

Agreed time of departure was 4 am. So even if I slept late I set the alarm at 3 am. It was a long trip but we were at Butuan at around 8, quick breakfast at Mcdo and proceeded for Surigao.

CTE (as in Charge to Experience) no. 1. A pee stop at Carmen at a gas service station. I was locked inside, good thing I bought my bag (with the mobile phone) and was able to call my senior and informed my situation. The personnel from the station had to literally kick the door open in order for me to get out.. haha.

CTE no 2. An unexpected turn led us to the route going to Tandag, a different way to Surigao City. haha! We were 60 km out of the way. It messed our time and my senior's monitoring of fuel consumption and trip reading.

It was a quick site inspection, initial site viability and data collection. I hope to present to my boss tomorrow about what transpired from the meeting.

We were also given some bring home... A box of crabs... haha!

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  1. i thought that restroom incident was funny and scary... good thing you had your cp with you..

  2. as n! scary and funny gyud cya...


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