Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 23: 15 facts about you


1. Born on the fifth month of the year nineteen eighty three
2. Eldest child
3. Loves to read books and hunt at book sales
4. Wanted to be scientist or a journalist but ended up as a sales administrator
5. Is into sports
6. Collects cigarettes, shot glass and key chains
7. Enjoys traveling and wants to go places
8. Loves being with her bffs
9. Usually ends up having a haircut when stressed
10. Will go the extra mile for her work
11. Can be stubborn at times
12. Is careful of falling in love
13. Has a hedgehog, Sonic, for a pet (not kidding!)
14. Was a part of a 3 member club aiming to save Mother Earth
15. Still misses her mom after more than a decade since she passed on

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