Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 20: The meaning behind your blog name

I got a bit confused with this one, whether it means my url: bee-hive-akun or the blog title: Chronicles of B...

Anyway, I'll give a little background about it... since bff D and I started to make nicknames based on the first letter of our names, pretty much gossip girl-like, I've been tagged and known as B and it turn turned out I got busy with work, hence the name busy bee. It stuck. haha! So I thought of the name that would serve as my niche here in cyberspace, there the hive. With a little twist I used the maranao work for my which is akun... bee hive akun can be translated as my bee hive.

Chronicles of B, my blog title came up simply by me, B, as a chronicler... :)


  1. hahaha. everyone's starting to call each other first letter of their names now these days..

    mine though, my boss back where i had my OJT, called me Z.. cause she thinks my name is kind of a mouthful.

  2. hahaha.. and i thought it still has to do with gossip girl... hehehe!

  3. Easier when typing or texting. Haha.

  4. @iamdeee: mao gyud. saves time. saves space.


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