Sunday, September 12, 2010

Veggie Talk

Okay, earlier today, I went out to buy ready-to-eat food for our lunch... Surprisingly, together with some other viand, I bought this Bitter Melon (Ampalaya) with bagoong salad. It pushed me to type into google recipe how to prepare it 'coz I would like to cook it for myself. Too bad, the search results didn't display the specific preparation, they had varieties of it: with mayo, others with eggplant or with mango. WTH!!! I simply want the simplest way to prepare it. The basic.

Done with that, now talk about veggies.

As I child, Sayote (Chayote) was present in every meal...probably because it grows just about anywhere in our community. I love Baguio bean and String beans too... And would eat tortang Talong (Eggplant). I cannot tell at what point my taste started to shift that these vegetables entered in my least eaten veggies along with Okra.

In addition, Ever since my mom became sick, our diet at home took a 360 degree turn. Pork was not included in any meal. We stuck with Chicken, Fish, Beef and other meat. My dad prefers to have veggies and fruits and least likely to eat meat. I was introduced to Broccolli. *heheh*, it became a part of my Chopsuey, although I have to admit I always single out cauliflower. I *heart* carrots, squash, cabbage, radish, turnip, etc.

So with this entry, the very picky vegetable eater B is revealed.

Dinner is almost served. Bon appetite, mi amigos and amigas!!!

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