Saturday, September 25, 2010

Slacking and Multitasking

I always look forward to weekend. It's a Saturday. I'm slacking and multitasking. Month end is just around the corner, pressure and stress is all I'm in for. Another change is about to take place in the department... *crossed-fingers*

Task no. 1: World Wide Web
I'm browsing through my friend's photos and it brings a sense of euphoria. I miss hanging out with my family, the kiamsies, and my batchmates Its nice to know friends' settling down and tying the knot, of their careers going forward. Somehow, it feels like time just flew...

Task no. 2: Laundry Work
Its the day of the week that I can do my laundry. I'm not too ecstatic over doing the chore but leaving alone leaves me no choice. I cannot always depend on laundry shop. Thank God for washing machines. hahaha!

Task no 3: Glee Series Marathon
First episode of season 2 was just shown but since I do not have cable, I missed it. bummer! The irony is, I've never seen an episode before. When the world got crazy over it i was passive, and didn't give a damn. But curiosity got the best of me when my cousin would babble over it at FB. I am not a bonafide gleek but I'm enjoying the episodes I've watched so far... *bring it on!*


  1. T'was really some senti weekend, huh? And quite contagious too - had me missing the fun old times.

  2. you said it... soon... can't wait!


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