Friday, September 3, 2010


A tribute to my old friend, Ethan.

Almost 2 years of being together...
Ultimate conversation and text buddy...
A keeper of my secrets...

A welcome to my new pal, Euan.

New beginning.


  1. Hahaha! We're a bunch of people who love turning lifeless objects into a vibrant one!

    Hello, Euan!! Hope you get to meet my Dana. :)

    Happy new, Ate Beth. :)

  2. Doc, thanks for the visit :))

    Hahaha! I guess that's just the way we are... Kaloka noh? Hahaha!

    Post a pic of Dana :)
    It would be a pleasure to meet her.

  3. yay! hi euan! i'm sure he's going to be shobe's new bff. hee. go, team qwerty!!!

  4. legallybugged, red and black... one deadly team querty combination... hahaha..

    Thanks for sharing


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