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tidbit: Law: True Love vs Puppy Love

My good friend, Khal of mykhaleidoscopeworld posted this on her FB account and as I read it a light bulb went on my head that i could no longer resist it. I asked to make use of this for this post.

I, too, want to become a lawyer. I could not pinpoint when or how it happened. Was it the hype when most of my batch mates enrolled in law school? All I know is that I'm pulled towards becoming a lawyer.

About five years ago, I wrote this piece for my Legal Research assignment. Our teacher asked us to write a piece about why we wanted to become a lawyer. She was a UP Diliman BS Communications graduate and a Bedan lawyer so I tried to impress her with this case-digest format. [Notice the language and style, this piece represents how a 23-year old hopes to become a lawyer.]

Law: True Love vs. Puppy-Love

G.R. No. L-12345, August 11, 2006


This is an appeal filed at the Legal Research Court last August 4, 2006.

Like many Filipinos today, I also dream of marrying “Law”. The idea of having “him” for the rest of my life is heavenly! “Law” can make me rich, famous and successful. Where ever I go, “he” will always guide me to the right and legal path.

In order to be chosen as Mrs.Law-yer, I have to pass this BAR test. But before that, I have to know “Law” intimately like meeting his family, not to mention living with them at Law-School Mansion for four years, unless I will extend for more years. During the first-half of my first year, one of the essential requirements is to please “his” notorious relatives like Mr. Constitutional, Mrs. Criminal, Mrs. Civil, Aunt LegRes, cousin StatCon, Dr. Legal Prof and Father SemOne.

Almost three months have passed since I started my Law-School Mansion challenge, and so far, it is like the sweetest self-torture! The hostility of “Law’s” relatives is almost unbearable. I feel like being sentenced with death penalty whenever I am called to recite “their” family prayer exclusively found in special books called “Holy Codal.” I have been experiencing psychosomatic illnesses like fever, chills, stomach ache, migraine and mild insomnia. My lifestyle is also tortured. I do not get to watch TV, nor listen to music. Oftentimes I ask myself, is this just a test or already a punishment? I have been isolated from the colorful world of reality. All I am seeing now are black, white and gray-scale.


Now, I am faced with the boldest issues of my life. Is “Law” my true love or puppy-love? Can I still endure the tortures? If yes, are they worth enduring? How far can I go to be wedded with “Law?” Am I destined to be with “him?”


“He” is my first love since I was eight. I do not want to lose “him” too easily. Perhaps I need to apply the doctrine of “first love never dies.” As to whether “Law” is my true love or puppy-love, time will tell. To apply the ruling of the landmark case of Phantom of the Opera that true love demands sacrifice, risks everything and endures pain, the better solution for now is to assume that it is true love.

WHEREFORE, appeal is granted. All costs are against my parents, to be deducted from their community property, since I am still unemployed.

So, what about you. How do you see law? Personally, as of this writing, I am undecided. I am, however, very sure, Law is my number one suitor.

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