Monday, May 9, 2011

Celebrate! 100th post

I'm celebrating!!! Its my

Wheee! Hooray! Who would have ever thought that since I started with this blog last July 2010, in less than a year, I'll reach my 100 blog post! It's an achievement!!! I've made and deleted a number of blogs and I hope this one stays. Thanks goes to my blogger friends, for inspiring me to keep on writing, to join challenges and to continue expanding my blog network.

To my fellow bloggers (kindly refer to their blog links on the sidebar) thank you for sparing your time reading my post, a way of getting to know me better. I may not be an exceptional writer/blogger but I do try to improve my craft. Bear with me, I am still undergoing construction. I wish to embark on some projects and I pray you will accompany me in my journey and be a part of this hive's growth.

I turn a year older today. lol. Thank you, Lord for continuing to bless me as you have for the past 2*toot* years... hahaha.. not that I am ashamed of my age but for the purpose of mystery for those who don't know me personally. I may look more than my year or maybe younger. You guess... lol.

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  1. Wow, 100th post on your birthday! Love it! Happy, happy birthday TS! :-D This beehive is for keeps na jud! Hehe.

  2. wheee! happy birthday and congratulations 'te b! :D

  3. @Dee: thanks! double celebration!

    @Aya: thanks, aya! :)

  4. wow! happy anniversary ^__^ you should keep your blog. its always nice to have a blog na sumasabay sa pagtanda naten :D hahaha.

    keep on blogging. there's no limit in blogging naman :)



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