Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 15: A song that describes you

I have this liking for country songs. I am deeply touched by the strong words placed in its lyrics.

I pretty much lived life independently and though times has been hard, it worked out well...

As much as I want to solely take credit for this song as my current love, I am also dedicating this to every women out there, who have had trying times but still thanks God for everything.

"Working a job that don't pay much
but she thanks God it's enough
There she is
on her own two feet"

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  1. Karon pa ko kadungog ani! Nice one. :-) Makahilak man sad ta. Hehe.

  2. aaahhh... pang-mother's special kaayo, kahilak ko. i have a soft spot for country music too. it's my first time to hear of clint black and this song is a knock-out! lovet.

  3. hayyy... touching gyud, girls! inspiring man nuon...


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