Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Babies and Miscarriages

I am not in the most credible person to write a piece about this stuff, certainly because I am single, have not been impregnated but still I feel I have thoughts to share about the issue.

In our family, news of conception is accepted with gladness. Even if some came early than expected and some came later than planned. I've have cousins, cousin-n-laws and friends whom I know have tried to become parents, fervently praying for the li'l one. On gatherings, this usually comes up, "Kanus-a man ninyo sundan?" or "Wala pa ba?". I am sometimes guilty of asking this, until a friend confided her feelings. I learned from her that it can be stressful being asked all the time, after all, they've been trying but the maybe the time is just not right. Not having a child after years of marriage also opened up some questions in her, like, will she ever have a child? Will she have the opportunity of bearing and rearing a child? *I am not married and even I question myself these. I have an aunt who didn't marry and one aunt whose womb had been taken out for health reasons. It's scary since I want to be a mother someday.*

Some cousins and friends who have been impregnated but due to health reasons after their pregnancy have been told they won't be able to conceive again or will have a hard time trying to conceive again. Others had miscarriage in their pregnancy. I was out for words to console those who have lost their li'l one. At a gathering, a cousin looked back at her loss, she said: "Hala oi! 1 year old na tana to". I am praying for the souls of the li'l angels and for comfort for the parents. All in God's perfect time.

However, for those who chose to abort, no remorse can be seen or felt. tsk tsk tsk!


  1. One of the ironies of life, some couples really go out of their way just to be pregnant, but some couples naman want nothing to do with a child. Hay.

    One of my closest friends has been married for 6 years now and still they don't have a baby, she had a miscarriage more than a year ago, and I really feel for them. She and her experience are the reasons why I've always been very careful about asking about this issue.

  2. babypink, i have to agree about being careful regarding this issue and at the same time i feel there is a need for our family, relatives or friends to know that as we celebrate with them in their joy, we also grieve with them for their loss.
    In our own ways we show how we feel for them in the ordeal...

    Thanks for visiting my site! :)


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