Monday, August 9, 2010


I met you today and at first sight I already love your physical prowess except for the fact that your color is Ebony Black with which I will eventually tire myself out. I am amazed with coolness you possess without being arrogant. You may lack points with regards to fashion but that will also have to be up to me... If only I could bring you out shopping.

I can't wait for the day the day that you and I can be together. heheh... I will have sleepless nights due to excitement... The travels that we are going to make will surely be a pleasant experience...


  1. i disagree. LOL. andy's goh-geous and real sleek. ;-)

    hope to meet you soon, andy!

  2. oops, i meant, i disagree when you said "you may lack points with regards to fashion' hee.

  3. hahaha! was referring to the interiors... walay ka fasyon fasyon... will update you kung na turn over na cya...

  4. oooh. i see. LOL. when's the big date going to be?

  5. haayyy... if only i know... i have my license though... got it today... bad odyssey they won't release my certificate of completion... and its not my fault they can't finalize the date for the classroom lecture! argh!!!


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