Sunday, July 25, 2010

B is for Blessings and Bliss

Yippee! For the past days I have been in a state of Euphoria.

My appraisal turned out well. I'm gonna get a basic salary raise, my item got finalized and is now official and i got a merit increase as well... The past months of sacrifice will soon come to an end. *Thank you, Lord for all these blessings*

I got myself a full body massage at Golden Blind Masseurs. My very first massage experience. As my masseur provided pressure on my body, I could not help but think that she might leave bruises on my skin. By the time I got relaxed and in the verge of sleeping, the massage session ended. I woke up with a body ache. ha ha ha! I hope to try another massage place next time. And I hope my bffs will be there too... :)

I got great news and I can't wait for August... I am happy! So very happy! I hope this bliss will be contagious and spread all throughout the world!

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