Thursday, July 22, 2010


When it rains, it pours and today's rain is no exception. I love it when it rains. The cool air makes me feel like I'm at the bukid. Its no comparison, I know, but its the closest thing I can get. How I wanted to go home right away so I can cook some noodles and sip hot soup. I wanted to snuggle and hug my pillow too. But I was not able to do so... The heavy downpour left me stranded at the stations... As the clock tick and the hours flew by with me wishing the rain would stop or a jeepney route home with a vacant space will fill-up at the station, I thought of what the rain signifies.

I have this tendency to perceive what things around me would symbolize and the rain was no different. Yes, rain is a natural occurrence, a season in the tropics and a water cycle. Its that simple so why do I complicate it? Maybe because I have questions and I look for signs, for answers... *now you've met the weird, praning side of me... ha ha ha!*

After a long wait, i finally got to ride a jeepney and to my disappointment, no sikad was around in our street plus to make situation worse, I have to submerge good ol' chuck in a puddle of water. With no umbrella, I walked the dimly lit street and arrived home soaking wet... *daig pa ang basang sisiw*
Insight: I can sometimes ran out of luck...

Tomorrow will be our annual performance appraisal, and I'm quite nervous about it. Its judgment day for my long-over-due-needs-to-be-resolved package. I have heard negative feedback about this year's appraisal. *fingers crossed for good news*
Insight: Pray for the best...

I'm yawning now and my eyes is heavy. I'm ready to doze off. Set my alarm early, report is half done. Adios for now!

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