Friday, March 18, 2011

black is black

I find it interesting that my circle of friends have been blogging about nail polish and all. I usually tint my toenails but seldom for my fingernails. I stay away from black. Yesterday, i unusually colored my toenails and fingernails in black. I don't know if goth style would suit my personality but until I get to find a new nail color then this one stays momentarily.

photo polarized by

I hope I try out skinfood nail polish, which I learned from Z. :) Check it out here. And the buzz I've mentioned before? See it here and here :)

What's the nail color you are loving?

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  1. nail fever! i've been getting good reviews about the skin food nail polish. weee. can't wait to paint my nails =) still have to wait for that time of month though.

  2. I seldom paint my finger nails black. mostly use red ^__^

  3. I like black nailpolish on short fingernails. Neat rockstar style! :)

  4. @Aziza: *rock on* \m/
    @Tessa: thanks for droppin' by :) i usually use red on my toenails and prefers french tip for the fingernails whenever I have a mani-pedi :)
    @zaharatales: wishing that you include nail polish in your future contest. *giggles*

  5. I like! I miss black nails. Nail polish fever strikes the bloggers! Haha.

  6. @dee: the fever seems contagious... lol...


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